We often talk about our investment portfolio only in the form of stocks and bonds that make us money.
But to invest in kingdom causes means you are interested in yielding a different kind of return.
You won’t get back money in these investments. But you’ll reap hope. You’ll reap a life. You’ll reap a future generation.
The ROI on kingdom investment is unmatched and more fulfilling that anywhere else you can place your dollars.

Join us to invest in HOPE in this city and to the edges of our world.
Will you consider making an investment in one of these dreams?

God-Sized Dreams

DC Dream Center

One person at a time, the DC|DC inspires youth and adults to dare to dream and learn to lead, so that they reach their God-given potential. We're almost there! INVEST in the completion and launch of the DC Dream Center.

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International Key Partners

A1:8 has over 100 ministry partners overseas. We’ve identified several Key Partners who share a common DNA: a commitment to the local church, a long-term relationship with NCC, and a regional/issue focus. Click 'invest now' for more information.

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